The John McFadden Team


About The John McFadden Team

We use the team approach in order to serve our clients' best. We always strive to go above & beyond our clients' expectations. We believe we provide the best skills and talents to represent our clients. Vincent Prestileo, Bridget McNichol and Michael Guzzardi and I have all worked together for many years, Emily Diamond has joined the Team to help us serve clients even better. We each have certain skills and talents to help satisfy our clients wants and needs. We serve the entire region and are local experts in many of these communities.
Negotiating is one of our strongest skills.
That has been honed though selling thousands of homes over our careers.
We have techniques to allow sellers to maximize the prices they can obtain and avoid potential hurdles on the way to closing.
Our buyer agent skills have helped many people buy their dream home in challenging markets like this, by using
strategic points in their offers to make them more attractive to the seller.

I am active in the community through former elective offices as Chairman of Delaware County Council, Springfield Twp. Commissioner and zoning board, through coaching my children's teams, and as a current and former member of numerous non-profit groups' boards of directors as well as industry related boards and positions.
All of us are involved in the community in different ways.
We love giving back by volunteering our time and supporting financially many worthwhile activities.

Areas We Cover